Studio Construction
Studio Construction

All the old wiring was removed. And new wiring was put in for that circuit which has been designated the utility circuit. Two new isolated, star grounding circuits were added. The overhead lights remained on their own circuit.

The star grounding wiring had to be run through conduit. Those circuits are the lower ones with the utiltiy circuit above. We also are using electric baseboard heaters on each side of the room. The white romex at the floor to the right is the 240v 15A circuit for one of the heaters.

It looks like a mess, but it is actually quite neatly done.

Those awful, noisy shop lights had to go. They were all on one 3-way switch. Now the lighting is divided into 3 areas each with its own switching. A light was also added to the stairwell. All are still on a dedicated circuit.

There were a few days between when the electrician started and he could clear his schedule to get back over to finish. We took advantage of that time to scrape the ugly popcorn texture off the ceiling in preparation for another layer of sheetrock and green glue later. It is a laborious process made easier with a spray bottle full of water. Spray an area, wait a second or two and start scraping. It helped to dry scrape the rough particles off first so the water can penetrate better.

Once the electrician was done roughing everything in, a firebreak of packed fiberglass had to added. There is 16" all along the top, and a full bat all the way down the wall at no less than every 10'. This is code in the county we reside. Fiberglass was also packed in the gaps at the top and bottom of the walls.

At this point, it was time for the framing and rough electrical inspections.

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