Customized Productions                                   $254.00

Our fully customized productions are just that. You'll receive an 8 minute program of 9 to12 messages spaced 20 seconds apart created from your customized script and your choice of 4 music selections from our current library. Or we can use your corporate image music. (Music selected outside of our library is an extra charge.) Returning customers receive a discount on subsequent productions. There are also discounts for multiple locations. Demo our past work.
Base price for a fully customized program is $254. Here's how to order your production today!

Semi-Custom Productions                                   $99.00

Looking for a simplier way to keep callers on hold? We offer an affordable production of basic messages customized with your company name and business hours. Semi-customized productions are 4 minutes of 8 messages spaced 20 seconds apart over a continuous bed of 3 music selections. You choose the music style - jazz, classical, rock or seasonal.
Our semi-custom productions are $99.00 per location. Order your production today!

Radio Commercials, Presentation, Web Audio and more

Continue your on hold promotions throughout all of your audio productions. Our studio holds commercial sessions for broadcast commercials and corporate productions and is also available for music recording.