What We Do
    Multi-track recording and Mixing
    Remote Location Recording
    Voice-Over and Commercial Production
    Audio Restoration and Noise Reduction
    Audio for Video

The Zephyr Room features
  • SAWStudio multi-track software
  • SAC Virtual Console
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools 9
  • RME and MOTU Audio Interfaces
  • Recording up to 96K using Tascam and MOTU A/D/A
  • John Hardy M-1 mic pres
  • Custom 8ch. mic pre
    - designed by Jeff Rowland of Jeff Rowland Design Group
  • Symentix mic pres
  • Vintage Altec tube and solid state Pres
  • Hamptone HVTP2 pres
  • Continually growing list of microphones and equipment from
    AKG, ART, Beyer, Lexicon, Mackie, MOTU, Neumann, Oktava,
    Rane, RCA, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Shure, Tannoy, Tascam...
    Give us a call to request a complete equipment list.

    Instruments and Amps
      Fender Rhodes 73
      M400 Mellotron
      1969 Magnus Chord Organ
      Vintage Fender Super
      Vintage Fender Champ
      Vintage Fender Strat
      Peavey Bass
      Big Briar Etherwave Theremin
      5-pc Drum kit
      Native American Flute - key of A
      Variety of Vintage Guitar Pedals
      Variety of hand percussion
        incl. Wood Castanets, 5" Spring Drum, Tongue Drum, 3'Rain Stick, Gourds, Hand drum...

    Our studio construction pages are available if you'd like to see what went into its construction.
    Or call 303-719-1707

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