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Pricing and Order Info

Avocado Productions has been transferring wire and tape recordings to CD and
other digital formats since 1998.

Our work includes the transfer of a recording made of an IBM Building Dedication Ceremony in 1948 found in a time capsule by IBM employees in New York.

We've done work for the Vedanta Archives in Hollywood, CA. resulting in a commercially available lecture by Aldous Huxley.

And, in association with Airshow Restoration Center, work for archives at Naropa University and The Navajo Nation.

Then there are the transfers we've made for hundreds of families throughout the world.

We transfer and do restoration of audio from these and other formats:

    -Wire Recordings
    -1/4 inch; full, 1/2 and 1/4 track reel-to-reel - (including 4-track stereo)
    -1/2 inch; 8-track reel-to-reel
    -Audio Cassette - Standard, Mini and Micro sizes
    -Instantaneous, Home Recorded Records
    -Digital DAT and DA-88 formats
Smith-Corona Letterpack cartridges

The following formats can also be transferred. However, the originals can not be returned.
    -Wire recordings made on GE, Pierce and P55 Minifone recorders
    -8-track cartridge
    -Smith-Corona Letterpack cartridges.
Our specialty is converting Wire Recordings.
We have the experience necessary to work with this sometimes problematic format.

Here's what some of our customers have to say!

Every tape and wire we receive for transfer is first evaluated. It is then digitally transferred into our computer where track IDs are placed and volume adjustments are made. After processing, the audio is copied to a compact disc. Turn around is usually 2 weeks. Though there are times when we get backlogged causing a longer wait time. There is more info on our FAQ page.

If your wire looks like these two, expect an additional untangling charge.
Though we do accept tangled wires for transfers, there is an additional untangling charge. And no guarantee. Check our FAQ page for more information.

If your wire looks like this one.
It is a lost cause.

Contact us for our current rates by
or by calling us at 800-246-3811 or 303-719-1707.

Listen to one of our Internet Broadcasts to hear actual wire recordings.

Please Note: We have a strict policy of not transferring material that is copyrighted without proof that you have clearance. We reserve the right to refuse works that we feel may violate copyright laws.

How It Works

You will want to contact us first for current pricing. Print out our Media Order Form and fill it out completely. Then mail it along with your recordings. The address is on the form. It is also helpful to shoot us an email when you've shipped the recordings so we know to watch for them. When the box arrives, we immediately notify you so that you know it got here safely. Once we've evaluated the recordings, we let you know what the total cost will be and at completion, email you an invoice. We ship as soon as we receive payment.

About Pricing
Rates for all restoration and transfers to CD or other digital formats are based on the length of the actual recording with minimum flat fees. There are additional rates for untangling wire, transfer from the larger GE wires and tape "baking".
Return shipping is based on actual weight via US Priority Mail.
We accept Check and Money Order as well as all major credit cards via Paypal. We ship finished recordings once payment is received.
Call 800-246-3811 or us for our current rates.

Member of The Association for Recorded Sound Collections and Audio Engineering Society
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