Order/Contact Form

Print this form, fill it out completely and mail it with media to be transferred to:
                                                        Avocado Productions
                                                        9873 Zephyr Dr
                                                        Broomfield, CO 80021



City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________________________________________

Phone number:___________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________________________

Are you a returning customer?_______________

No. of Recordings included:____________________

Choose type of service:    ____ Full Transfer           ____ Discovery Service Only 
    (one only)                                        (evaluate, determine content & length.
                                                $20/piece - Good toward price of full transfer.)

Delivery Type: **  ______ CD-Audio        ______ Data CD/DVD (.wav & .mp3 formats)  _____ Flash or Harddrive (.wav & .mp3 formats)                     
(choose one only)										(Customer Supplied)

Other requests:

If you have any questions call us at 800-246-3811 or 303-719-1707
or e-mail: info@avocadoproductions.com

 * Rates subject to change without notice.  Please contact us for current pricing. 

** CD-Audio discs play in any CD player.  .wav formats are in 44.1/24 unless specified.  
		.mp3 format is in 256 unless specified.  Customer must supply flash or hard drive.